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Claddagh Senior Living is a leading provider of Assisted Living services to the communities of southeast Minnesota.

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Residents of Claddagh Senior Living enjoy the comforts of home and the personalized services they need and prefer in one of our freestanding residences located in the beautiful bluff country of Caledonia, Minnesota. Claddagh Senior Living offers 24-hour quality care in a quiet residential setting to those who require assistance with activities of daily living. Our approach to care is holistic with an emphasis on helping our residents enjoy their retirement while receiving the personalized care they need. For more about our care and service offerings, please visit our “Life at Claddagh” page.

Personalized Services With the Comforts of Home

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Memory Care

Memory care is a specialized service offered to individuals facing the challenges of Alzheimer’s, dementia and other types of memory impairment.

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Assisted Living

Personal care for older adults who require assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs), such as bathing, dressing, grooming, medication & more.

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Why Claddagh

Since opening its first community in 1996, Claddagh Senior Living has become one of the leading providers of assisted living care services for seniors.

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“My father was a resident of the Claddagh House for 12 years. During all that time he received outstanding care. I do not believe that this facility was founded with the idea of making a lot of money. I firmly believe the founder, Carmel, saw a need that was not being met and determined she could provide a better service than what was available. Her ability to select the caring and understanding people to work for her is her strongest asset. They have been simply wonderful.”

John P. - Son of Resident

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Take the first step

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The first step in considering senior living shouldn’t be stressful or intimidating. At Claddagh Assisted Living & Memory Care we take the time to personally sit down with you and your loved ones to assess your individual situation. We analyze your needs and strive to provide you with the best guidance for selecting the senior care that is best for you and your family.