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“We are very pleased with Helen’s care at Claddagh. What stands out is the high degree of personal interaction that the staff has with her. On numerous occasions, I have seen staff stop to talk with Helen – that means a lot to her and to me. The attention to Helen’s health is impressive. I trust the Claddagh team to care for mom.”

-John G., Resident’s Family Member – Caledonia, MN

I am so thankful for Claddagh House. My mother, who lived with me for 9 years, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and Dementia. She was becoming very difficult for me to provide for her needs given her diminished capacity. My son discovered Claddagh House and my very first visit gave me a warm, relieved feeling. She became a resident on August 28, 2010.
One of the first weekends she was there, my sister and I walked in hearing her sitting at the piano and playing. She had refused to touch my piano for over a year. One of her symptoms was extreme withdrawal and reclusive behavior. She is still somewhat that way but is now playing Bingo and loves it and interacts on a much greater degree than I ever imagined happening.
The staff is so patient and treats each resident as an individual. Carmel is an angel and her hand-picked staff, remarkable. I can rest easy knowing my mother is cared for in a much better way than I could ever provide. It’s a family!

-Cheryl D., Resident’s Family Member – La Crescent, MN

It had been our pleasure to work with the Claddagh House over the years. The home-like atmosphere and quality of care provided to residents is exceptional. In addition, Claddagh House provides a nurturing, safe environment for those they care for. The staff is wonderfully warm, caring and compassionate. Our agency is always pleased to have an opportunity to place individuals at Claddagh.

-Colleen S. – Bluffland Guardians and Conservators, Inc. – La Crosse, WI

First of all, the [Claddagh] logo [stands for] loyalty, love and friendship and Carmel and her employees practice that. My mother-in-law, Evie, was there for over 9 years. They gave her wonderful care. They gave her her dignity and are always cheerful doing their duties. Evie loved being there and we all were treated very special. We always felt comfortable and happy knowing she was getting everything she needed. We are so blessed to have Carmel and the Claddagh House in town.

-Dixie F., Resident’s Family Member La Crescent, MN

Claddagh House has been a good fit for my mother’s needs. The attention she receives from the staff is very caring and flexible. As her needs change, the care she receives changes along with her. It is a small facility, which means that the staff is aware of each resident’s particular needs. My mother feels very secure at Claddagh House.

-Margaret J., Resident’s Family Member

During this time of the year, it seems that stress and pressure are two common words in most everyone’s vocabulary. My wife and I would like to share this story in our lives, and how some special people from Houston County and the City of La Crescent helped us overcome these pressures.

Mom and dad were 84 and 86 years of age respectively and were living in a nice apartment in Onalaska, but dad had just been diagnosed with a disease associated with memory loss. We were concerned about them living alone. It was the first week of December 1996, we had just moved mom and dad into a senior complex in La Crosse. The change was hard at first but they were adjusting to their new surroundings. Within 10 days, mom had a massive stroke that affected both sides of her brain and was in a coma. In her living will, mom stated she did not want to be kept on life support systems if there was no hope for recovery.

We picked up dad so he could be with mom and talk with the doctors about mom’s condition and her request stated in her living will. Dad leaned over the bed and gave mom a kiss. You could tell by his eyes and tears that he knew he was saying goodbye to his partner of 64 years.
After managers of the complex learned of mom’s condition, they told us that they did not feel they could watch out for dad, and we needed to make new arrangements for dad immediately. We knew he could not live alone. We knew dad was not ready for a nursing home – this was not even an option. At this period, stress started to take both of us over.
We knew there was nothing we could do for mom and were concerned about doing the best for dad. One of the ministers mentioned a nurse [who] had just opened an [assisted living] home in La Crescent. We called and talked to her and learned she had one opening. We explained our situation and she drove in from Houston to meet with us and dad immediately. She showed us around the home with dad, and explained its operation […]. Dad stayed there that night and has been there ever since. Four days later on December 19th, mom passed away.

The first Christmas was hard on all of us, but our concern was for dad. We were concerned how he would handle losing his partner of so many years. Dad has adapted well and calls Claddagh House his home now. Since being at Claddagh House, dad is off all his medications, the staff monitors the residents very close, and is aware of any changes in their behavior. Dad is doing better now than we have seen in the last 10 years. Claddagh House has been a blessing, not only to us, but also to other families faced with similar situations [who] have decided a nursing home was not the answer at this point in time.

Carmel and her husband, Larry, just opened their third home in La Crescent last summer. The homes provide not only excellent care, but also offer a tremendous amount of love and compassion. The entire staff is wonderful. Just a special note – my dad celebrated his 88th birthday last September. Our heartfelt thanks and blessings go out, not only to the staff of all three homes owned by Carmel and Larry, but also to the citizens of La Crescent and Houston County. You have let these people live out a dream, and bless the residents and their families.

I strongly urge anyone facing a similar situation, to call Carmel or Larry Ledebuhr, or just call them if you would like to find out what options Claddagh House offers. One you meet Carmel, you will feel and see her love and devotion for what she is doing. Just to visit the homes and to see what has been done to them by Carmel’s husband, Larry, and other contractors will make you proud to have these homes in our community. Once again, our heartfelt thanks to the citizens of La Crescent and Houston County. Our lives and dad’s life has been much easier and less stressful. Our prayers are with you all, thank you.

-Mike and Charleen D. – Resident’s family members – La Crosse, WI

My father was a resident of the Claddagh House for 12 years. During all that time he received outstanding care. I do not believe that this facility was founded with the idea of making a lot of money. I firmly believe the founder, Carmel, saw a need that was not being met and determined she could provide a better service than what was available. Her ability to select the caring and understanding people to work for her is her strongest asset. They have been simply wonderful.

- John P. - son of resident, Raymond P.

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